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Lisa Nelson   (#9199144)   

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Milwaukee/Shorewood, WI
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ICF Wisconsin Charter Chapter
Life Lift Coaching & Transition Services
Coach-Transition Specialist-Divorce Doula

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Certified by a professional coach training school
Academic Degree
Master's degree
ICF Credential
Associate Certified Coach


Lisa Nelson started Life Lift Coaching and Transition Services after spending the last 5+ years utilizing a Master's degree in Professional Counseling to help students, university staff, and alumni with Career Counseling, Success Coaching, and Transition support; logging +1000 client hours.  She currently acts a Personal Coach, Divorce Doula, and Transition Specialist. Lisa's experience working with women of all ages has taught her that many women have the strengths and skills to succeed, but are oftentimes held back by life or family situations that inhibit their ability to reach their goals. After providing advocacy and support to several women through divorce and life transitions, Lisa has added to her Mediation training and Counseling education with an ICF Coaching Certification through UW-CPC program.  Established in 2018, Life Lift Coaching & Transition Services is for women who need coaching or support through the divorce process or career , or other life transitions. Life Lift provides services for clients who need an encouragement partner at one-on-one sessions, legal meetings, or other consultations. By utilizing coaching and transition support, women can rediscover their strengths and lift their lives.